The Genesis Trading Academy

The Most Comprehensive Proprietary Trading Program Available.

How it works.

1 Part one of the process is to join our Online Training Program. It is a one-month guided program that covers the simple definitions to the advanced concepts. It also involves trader assessment by way of simulated trading and research projects. The program is free to everyone.

2Those that do well and meet our criteria online are invited to join our in-house program. Here we look at advanced trading concepts such as specific spread trades and trades that we have seen work well with our seasoned traders. Again, there is no charge for this.

3 Full Trader Funding. Do well in our training program and you will be offered a contract to join us as a fully funded trader. We fund 100% of your trading account and cover any losses. You’ll sit in our dealing room alongside other traders. Game on!

This page is all about the ‘Part One’:

The Online Program

This new program starts with the basics and assumes you have never traded futures before. We move on to strategy, analysis styles and trading styles. We use the simulator extensively to learn new things. You are not left alone here. The program is a guided one where you have a real person to speak with and request feedback.

It sure is, but anything easy is not going to give you much reward. The online program requires you to study, research and trade on a simulator. It’s a few hours per day minimum, but the more time you put in, the better.
Well we hope you find it fun. Trading for a living is tough, but it can also be very rewarding. The markets are always changing and presenting new opportunities. We think that is fun.
Anyone can apply, but things we look for in applicants are little or no trading experience, some financial education (e.g. a commerce degree), entrepreneurial flair, an active lifestyle and a few other things. We have no secret criteria as such.
Nothing. We do not charge for our program. Our goal is to hire you as a trader.
You can apply again. Before you do however, speak to us about how to improve your trading.

Topics Covered

Trading 101

Fundamental knowledge is the start. We cover the basics from market details to order placement.

Market Overviews

You have you heard the expression “knowledge is power”. Here you will build your market knowledge.

Trading Data

Big opportunities arise around data releases. Here we look at and research some solid approaches.

Trader Productivity

It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that zing. Here we have a system for the right daily mindset.

DOM Styles

Understanding Depth of Market is the key to modern trading styles. Here we look at the basics and platforms.

DOM Exercises

Moving right along, we challenge you with a series of trading exercises. They are hard and you will learn a lot.

Building Spreads

Spreading is one of the key tools for the proprietary trader. We assume you know nothing and start with the basics.

Advanced Spreading

Spreads are building blocks. We show you how others apply these building blocks to trade effectively.

Usable Technicals

Technical analysis is a huge subject and often one that is full of nonsense. We show you the stuff that is useable.

Market Making

Market making and other non-directional styles are the tools of the proprietary trader. We teach them.

STIRs & Bonds

Interest rates. Once we show you these markets you’ll wonder why you have traded anything else – ever!

Risk management

Some say the key to good trading is knowing what to do when things go wrong. We show you what works for us.