We are Genesis.

Proprietary Futures Traders. Australia.

Genesis Proprietary Trading is an Australian proprietary trading company with offices in Sydney and remote traders across Australia and New Zealand. Our role is to train, develop and support traders. For established traders we offer state of the art infrastructure and compelling commercial partnerships. For aspiring and novice traders, our brand new, world-class trainee trader program, the Genesis Trading Academy has been designed to select, develop and grow a new generation of traders for Genesis.

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Ben Gregory

Head of Trading

Justin Williams

Trader Mentoring

Robert Khoury



New traders start with our new online training program. The program includes a trading based assessment, successful applicants from which are invited to join our Sydney CBD office for more specialised training.


At the heart of a ‘proprietary’ trading firm, is trader funding. That is, we fund your trading account. Traders are given generous limits and profit share. You are also encouraged to expand faster than you could when trading alone.


Once on board, you are not left on your own. Around you is a support network of like-minded traders, some very new and some quite seasoned. Furthermore, whenever there is a problem, your assigned mentor is there to help.


As an online trainee, you are given everything you need to get started and shown how to use it. In-house, we have high speed market access utilising industry strength platforms such as CQG, XTrader and Bloomberg.

How it works.

1 Part one of the process is to join our Online Training Program. It is a one-month guided program that covers the simple definitions to the advanced concepts. It also involves trader assessment by way of simulated trading and research projects. The program is free to everyone.

2Those that do well and meet our criteria online are invited to join our in-house program. Here we look at advanced trading concepts such as specific spread trades and trades that we have seen work well with our seasoned traders. Again, there is no charge for this.

3 Full Trader Funding. Do well in our training program and you will be offered a contract to join us as a fully funded trader. We fund 100% of your trading account and cover any losses. You’ll sit in our dealing room alongside other traders. Game on!